St.Hilda's Business Centre, The Ropery, Whitby, YO22 4ET
T: 01947 820706
(Out of Hours) T: 01947 820843

The port of Whitby is situated on the North Yorkshire coast and is the only port capable of handling commercial traffic up to 85 metres LOA between the Humber and the Tees main ports.

The port is wholly owned and operated by Scarborough Borough Council including the pilotage service.

Radio watch is maintained at: VHF Channels 11 and 16, 24 hours a day.

A busy fishing industry works from the lower harbour but a commercial wharf is available in the upper harbour. Endeavour Wharf on the west side has a berthing length of 172 metres. Extensive open storage is available

Vessels up to 3000 tonnes DWT can be handled with the maximum criteria of length 85 metres, beam 15 metres and draft up to 6 metres (subject to tidal height).

Pilotage is compulsory for all cargo vessels over 37 metres in length and a continuous pilotage service is available from two licensed pilots. Whitby swing bridge is manned two hours either side of high water.

Bridge openings are required to access the cargo wharf and arrangements can be made through the Harbour Master to extend the normal opening times.

Cranes and forklifts up to 25 tonnes capacity are available on the wharf. Cargoes regularly handled are steel products, grain and potash. Timber has been handled in the recent past together with general cargo and the port retains the necessary facilities to continue these trades.

Whitby is a busy port with fishing activity and leisure berthing providing the bulk of the port's income. The commercial activity in the port is capable of significant increase and incentives are available to new customers looking for excellent service from a port where the quality of expertise is high and the facilities recently much improved.

For Ship's Agency Please contact Steve Londesbrough

The Harbour office can be contacted at:
T: 01947 602354 / 01723 373530
F: 01947 600380 / 01723 350035